Friday, July 20, 2012

Dominant vs. Recessive

It all began with the Sweet Pea.


  1. The father of modern genetics — Gregor Mendel— was born on this date in 1822.

    While growing peas in the monastery garden, Mendel noticed that the plants had several variations: Some had white flowers, some had purple. Some plants grew tall and others remained short. He listed seven traits on which the pea plants differed, and he began crossing the ones that differed in only a single aspect, like the color of the flowers. Over several generations of pea plants, Mendel developed his theory of dominant and recessive traits, and produced a paper on it — but it was ignored.

  2. I repeated this experiment back in '77...
    It's True!!!

    Now, (For the time being that it is), I am with a blonde with the prettiest of eyes....
    Evidentially, I haven't learned a thing!

    So much for the dominant gene....

  3. Genetics, botany, and blondes...strange combination.

  4. Thank you. I never was much of a science student, but plants really interest me.