Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Roadside on the Gumboe Joe

I wonder what character this stretch was named after?


  1. I will try to wander back when that sunflower is blooming...

  2. I had an Iranian friend when I was on Myspace. He loved flowers. and he always sent me flowers pic its took his cell phone but it was very beautiful! He was a soldier but against Iran army for liberty. and he was missing. He was really good friend!
    These pics remind me of him. Dariuss. Thank you!

    These pics are large. so can you make it lager? Im sorry my English skill very low.

    1. I also love flowers, even ones that some would call weeds. I'm sorry your friend is missing.

  3. When I upload a pic to a new post in Blogger I click (or doubleclick) on the pic in the upload screen and it gives me the option to change the size, add a caption, etc. I just learned this today. Hope you can understand and that this may help.

  4. LOVE plants and trees. These are great. I took lot of similar pix in SF.

    And LOVE that sign post - couldn't agree more... who was this Gumbo Joe ?

  5. You know how I am about signs. ;)