Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Onion Horoscope

  • Aries The stars don’t understand how you can sleep at night after everything that you’ve done, though they’re mostly just referring to all the napping.
  • Taurus Remember: Some people were put on this earth to achieve great things. Other people, like you, are just here to help with exposition and backstory.
  • Gemini Much to your horror, the other shoe will finally drop this week, along with the other sock, half-a-dozen metal screws, and the other prosthetic leg.
  • Cancer You’d do just about anything to be able to see your father again, which is too bad, as he’s healthy, happy, and living at an assisted living center in Coral Springs.
  • Leo The earth and moon continue their age-old cosmic dance this week, bumping into nearby star systems, and bringing untold death and destruction to millions of lives.
  • Virgo This little piggy went to market, and this little piggy stayed home, but this little piggy—this little piggy right here—will be mailed to friends and family members for a healthy ransom.
  • Libra You’ll laugh all the way to the bank this week, before seeing your account statement, monthly service charges, looming overdraft fees, and crying all the way back home.
  • Scorpio The stars indicate that you’re way ahead of your time. Specifically, the year 2436, when covering oneself in bird dung and screaming angrily at the Sun will be commonplace.
  • Sagittarius The ebb and flow of the ocean tide will greatly influence your future this week, pushing you further and further away from all those rescue ships.
  • Capricorn It slices, it dices—it makes perfect shoestring fries each and every time! It’s Susan, the woman you married 15 years ago and now treat more like a kitchen appliance than your very wife!
  • Aquarius They say that home is where the heart is, but little do they know about the metal box, the bloody towels, and the crosscut saw beneath the floorboards.
  • Pisces An attractive member of the opposite sex will misconstrue your coy flirtations this week, leaving you unfulfilled and embarrassed, but with a very full sugar bowl.


    1. Though sceptical about horoscopes, I do have a day sometimes that makes me think, "I wonder what my horoscope said today?".

      The Onion has a different bent on about everything, but I only find the horoscope section time worthy.

    2. Sometimes we can find connections in a horoscope but I tend to agree about being skeptical especially since all my "little piggies" were consumed with eggs and a side of toast this morning.

    3. Yum!
      My earth and moon are flailing about like a comic book hero's nemisis. Ya right!

    4. HA! I know, right...
      It might be fun to make-up horoscopes for my blog but I think people would just rather see images.
      I did a spoof on Mad Libs, posted it, then deleted it.

      In any case, I am genuinely inspired to create after visiting your blog ;)

    5. I always thought it would be fun to make up horoscopes. I'm a cynic at heart (among other things), and this type of ridiculousnous tickles me.

      I enjoy when you visit. : )

    6. Definitely! The made-up ones would be best being cynical and dark.