Friday, March 8, 2013

Women's Lib

Because a woman’s work is never done.
and is underpaid, or unpaid, or boring, or repetitious,
and we’re the first to get fired,
and what we look like is more important than what we do.
And if we get raped it’s our fault
and if we get beaten we must have provoked it
and if we raise our voices we’re nagging bitches
and if we enjoy sex we’re nymphos
and if we don’t we’re frigid
and if we love women it’s because we can’t get a real man
and if we ask our doctor too many questions we’re neurotic or pushy
and if we expect childcare we’re selfish
and if we stand up for our rights we’re aggressive and un-feminine
and if we don’t we’re typical weak females
and if we want to get married we’re out to trap a man
and if we don’t we’re unnatural
and because we still can’t get an adequate, safe contraceptive, but men
can walk on the moon
and if we can’t cope or don’t want a pregnancy we’re made to feel guilty
about abortion
and for lots and lots of other reasons
we are part of the women’s liberation movement…
-Joyce Stevens, written for Women’s Liberation Broadsheet, International Woman’s Day, 1975


  1. The age of stupid old white men is quickly coming to an end, and not a minute too soon...

  2. I was 14 years old when this was written. I have come to appreciate what it means through some hard living since then. I really never thought I would live to see the day. Just like I never thought I would live to be 40 in the year 2000.

  3. TY. Rights are rights no matter whose they are.